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WHAT IS PSYCHOLOGY? Or, what should it be?

 Put as clearly as I can state it... Psychology "should be" a study of what causes a person to be who and what he or she is, and whether or not that person can change or alter his or her personality via a special process of Psychotherapy? 

Do you know the difference between thinking that something might be true, and the actual experience of that something from "within" yourself via your faculty of "Intuition"... which provides you the actual "Conscious Knowledge" of that something?  But, what have I just said, precisely?

What I have just alluded to is what the Gestalt Psychotherapy [initiated by Fritz Perls, many years ago] could have become... if it had not been altered by the destructive force of the natural tendency of the Left-Hemisphere (L-H) of the brain of Man [and promoted by many intellectuals, including B.F. Skinner... note quote of Skinner below].  And that brings us to what this blog is primarily about.  That is, the natural nature of the two Hemispheres of the brain and how this  duality  prevents a majority of people from discovering that there is a MIND that rules the Left-Hemisphere of the brain, but this connection between the MIND and the brain is essentially "invisible"... and therefore, a great many people believe that what they "think"... is true... when what they "think" is quite far from the Truth.

By the way, Truth does exist.  But it ONLY exists in a realm of Pure Spiritual Energy.  And I have labeled this realm "Neutral Spiritual Energy," or "NSgy" for short.  And the only thing I have found that makes a [Conscious] connection with this realm of NSgy is one's faculty of "Intuition," which I believe is an aspect of one's Soul.

In a book by Evans, Richard I., Entitled B.F. Skinner: The Man and His Ideas. Published by E.P. Dutton & Co. 1968, Skinner is quoted as saying the following:

"A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior."

In this quote, Skinner is quite clear as to his belief that there is no MIND in Man that can determine a person's "present behavior". And Skinner was not alone in  thinking this.  It is unfortunately believed by many intellectuals today who, like Skinner, are essentially ruled by their thinking and the Left-Hemisphere of the brain.  They think that if something cannot be proven to exist physically, then it does not exist.  What causes this?  The cause of such thinking is simply a lack of "Conscious Awareness".  That is, they possess a level of Consciousness that is not sufficiently developed to enable them to make use of the faculty of "Intuition" from "Within Themselves".

You see... a great many elements that are widely known in the East are not known in the West.  Reincarnation is one such element.  The fact that one's Soul is immortal is another element.  And there are other elements to Life in the Illusion we face here on Earth that are simply not taught to us in the West.  No wonder the East seems so foreign to us in the West.

 There are about 331.9 million people in America, and yet, we don't teach young people the reason they are on Earth?  Do you know the reason for your being on Earth?  If not, have you at least thought about what the reason might be?  There is a reason for our being here.  And we will get to it in this blog eventually... but at the moment, let us consider the term "mental"... as in mental health.

You do realize that the term "mental" refers to the human MIND, right?  And your MIND is not your brain. Your brain is a most complex muscle located in your skull... while your MIND is composed of two different energy realms, each of which is quite invisible to your brain, or your physical senses.

No wonder so many young people today have so little respect for their parents, or for adults in general.  Imagine getting old, and preparing to die, and you have no idea what awaits you after death? All because no one taught you what the Purpose of Life is... so you might prepare yourself for your own death!

Well, let me share with you what I have learned in the last 50 years.

No doubt the most difficult thing I have learned in my life is this:

            "Truth cannot be described in mortal language."

And I read this statement in a book entitled  "Light on Saint John," written by Maharaj Charan Singh ( The previous Spiritual Master at Dera Baba Jaimal Singh, located in Beas, India), in 1967.

Your Soul is immortal, which means it does not die.  Your physical body dies, but that is not who or what you are.  And when you die, you find yourself in your Astral body [a subtle energy body that resembles your physical body], and you also find yourself in the Astral Region, which is another entire region of existence, existing  simultaneously with [but invisible to] the physical Earth.

And, before a person who has just died leaves the realm just beyond this physical dimension... [a realm existing between the physical and Astral realms] he or she can see people who are part of this physical dimension.  Until the person who has died is escorted further into the Astral Region, where various Heavens and Hells reside [and yes, there is more than one Hell].  And while on this point, the reader might be surprised to learn that the Purpose of Life is for we Souls to explore and experience the Creation.  But "why" is the question?

The answer to the question of why are we here... is not  something one's brain can answer adequately... since one's brain will never experience what the answer requires by way of Knowledge.

The brain is well-versed in words one's brain knows of the tangible and material Earth.  But, the Earth and the entire Creation is... in actuality, a most amazing Illusion.  And who among the possible readers of this blog believes that the life we know is an  Illusion?

 To actually experience the Illusion of this Creation, one must be open to accepting that oneself is part of the Illusion itself.  And operating behind an invisible curtain of this physical Creation are several invisible realms, the last of which is the Pure Spiritual Realm that is Home to one's Soul.

One's Soul is part of that Spiritual Reality, and is thus invisible. And finally, one's Soul is composed of the same Energy as the Creator, which we refer to as God. No wonder then that we human beings [who are part of the Illusion of Creation] are unable to find the Soul, Truth, Reality, or God... since they all operate in dimensions other than that of the physical plane of an Illusion we believe is real.

And we acquire Knowledge by Completing Karma... slowly over many, many lifetimes.   Truth is fourth dimensional Knowledge, or Absolute Knowledge, [which is Truth, and it does not change], but information changes constantly. Truth is synonymous with full Consciousness.

The Bible is  quite correct in what it says, but it is simply a segment of the Whole History of Man.  It just can't convey Truth, or Absolute Knowledge, because there is no written language for Absolute Knowledge, Truth, or Spiritual Reality. We simply cannot perceive Reality by physical means.  So, what do we use to discover the Truth?  We must use "direct perception"... But "direct perception" requires use of one's Soul.  The closest thing we have is the term "intuition," which is an aspect of one's Soul.

Aside from the book "Light on Saint John," another book that speaks to all of this is The Path of the Masters, by Julian Johnson, and it is available in many libraries.

My point being... we Souls  are immortal, and we have as many lifetimes as we desire in which to explore and experience what the Creation has to teach us... which is both good and bad.  And the process that is designed to take care of all of this is called the Law of Karma. And this Law was designed by God, and it applies to every living thing in the Creation.  And now you know more than most people educated in the West.

Peace, 1 Brother James

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